Regional Student Water Contest

    Each year about 10 students are selected based on a criteria of excellence, work experience, geographical representation and knowledge of English. It is expected that in a few years scholarships will be provided by the CA countries themselves, along with international organizations and public donors.

In 2014 the KGU initiated the First Student Water Contest for students from the five Central Asian countries and Afghanistan. The purpose of this Contest is to push gifted students from various scientific directions that are essentially areas of IWRM to share knowledge on IWRM among the students, exchange knowledge on IWRM and make international contacts between themselves.

 The Contest takes place on 2 levels: the national level, where students from national universities offering education on various aspects of IWRM come together to be tested on IWRM knowledge and ability to think in an integrated multidisciplinary manner, developed for them by known IWRM experts of Central Asia; and the regional level, where 2 winners from each country come to Almaty to compete on regional level as well as for the right to participate in IWRM related international summer school.