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  • Afghanistan Massih Lewall (2016-2018)

    I have graduated from Kazakh-German University in 2018. I was enrolled into the Master programme in Integrated water resources management in 2016 under DAAD scholarship. After graduation, I have started working at the President Palace with Chief advisor office to President of Afghanistan in Infrastructure and technology as an Infrastructure expert to manage and technically review national projects all over Afghanistan. Kazakh-German University was one of the key steps to my career success, and I am proud to be part of IWRM program and the University.

  • Kazakhstan Almas Kitapbayev (2015-2017)

    Currently I work as a coordinator of the “Water in Central Asia” (CAWa) project at the Kazakh-German University (KGU). The CAWa project intends to contribute to a sound and reliable scientific regional data base for the development of sustainable water management strategies in Central Asia. The master's program of IWRM at the KGU revealed to me many aspects of water management, such as water diplomacy, historical and economic aspects of water management in Central Asia. During my studies at KGU, I found many new friends with whom we communicate to this day. Moreover, this program has opened up new opportunities for me for my further career growth and my development as a scientific specialist.

  • Kyrgyzstan  Zoya Kretova  (2015-2017)

    Currently, I continue to work in a state body, for the benefit of my country. My position is the Head of the Division of Meteorology and Climate, Agency on Hydrometeorology under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic. I am also the national coordinator of the Central Asia Youth for Water network (CAY4W).

    Studying in the IWRM Master's Program of the Kazakh-German University allowed me to broaden my mind and not think in accordance with dogmas and imposed opinions. Studying  allowed me to think more independently of generally accepted rules and laws, stop thinking exclusively in terms of national interest, and consider the problems of using and dividing water resources for the benefit of the Central Asian region as a whole and taking into account aspects of sustainable development.

  • Tajikistan Sharif Mahmudov (2016-2018)

    I enrolled Kazakh-German University in 2016. During my study I participated in various student events. We were invited to various conferences not only in Central Asia but also abroad. This experience became invaluable since it gave me an opportunity to meet different experts and scientists in water sector. The thing that I liked most about the IWRM Program are the best international professors from Germany. After successful completion of the master's degree, I returned home to Tajikistan for the development of the water sector of my country and currently work as a Senior specialist in the Agency of Land Reclamation and Irrigation in the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. Since February 2019, I have worked as a National Coordinator of "CAY4W" in Tajikistan. I would like to express my gratitude to the leadership of the Kazakh-German University and the project "Smart Waters" for the opportunity.

  • Turkmenistan Arif Mamedov (2018-2020)

    Currently, I am pursuing the master's program “Integrated Water Resources Management” in the framework of the project “Smart Water” developed by Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia. For me, as a person whose background is technical, the master's program of IWRM of the Kazakh-German University has really opened up a new vision and understanding of the problems that are occurring in the water sector, as well as ways to solve them. This is actually an amazing and high-quality learning process with a flexible and adaptive approach that provides unique opportunities for students, including new acquaintances not only within the university. Undoubtedly, this education will be a huge step in my further progress, both in my career growth and in the field of water management.

  • Uzbekistan Isomiddin Akramov (2014-2016)

    I’ve chosen Kazakh-German University to undertake interdisciplinary courses on IWMR and exchange experience with the students from different backgrounds. The programme also offers a lot of support to Central Asian students who have different needs. The lecturers are passionate and very open-minded. They are all professional in their field and always share their experience with the students. My first link to success was an internship After graduation I gained international level experience at the International water management institute (IWMI).in the field of natural resource water management and irrigation by applying different approaches into practice while working for IWMI as IWRM specialist. Currently I’m a national coordinator of CAY4W network. Recently, I joined Ministry of water resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan as a lead specialist at the department of introduction of innovative technologies and education. I am really looking forward to leading the ministry into international growth.