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+7(727) 355-05-51, nri@dku.kz

Barbara Janusz-Pawletta

Vice-rector for international cooperation, UNESCO Chair Holder in Water Management in Central Asia, Associate Scholar of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

janusz-pawletta@dku.kz, int. 232

Marhabo Yodalieva

Water Programme Coordinator

marhabo.yodalieva@dku.kz, int. 328

Larissa Kogutenko

IWRM Master Program Coordinator

l.kogutenko@dku.kz, int. 328

Alexey Kobzev

Renewable Energy Projects Manager

kobzev@dku.kz, int. 243

Lyazzat Syrlybayeva

Regional Network Coordinator, Central Asia Youth for Water Network

syrlybayeval@dku.kz, int. 237

Almas Kitapbayev

CAWa Project Coordinator in Central Asia

kitapbayev@dku.kz, int. 243

Jamilia Dairova

Project specialist of the student research competition in Central Asia

j.dairova@dku.kz, int. 237

Ekaterina Aleksandrovskaia

Project assistant

ekaterinaa@dku.kz, int. 237

Angelina Funtikova

Assistant of Vice-rector

vicerector.int-a@dku.kz, int. 237

Maria Genina

Eco-business project manager

genina@dku.kz, int. 243

Balzhan Zhumagazina

Project assistant

zhumagazina@dku.kz, int. 241

Altynai Yespembetova

Journal Scientific Managing Editor

cajwr@dku.kz, +7701-100-1224

Dana Zhunissova

Project assistant

zhunissova@dku.kz, int. 243

Dana Kenzhebayeva

Project assistant

kenzhebayeva@dku.kz, int. 237

Aliya Kairzhanova

Communication and Public Relations Manager

kairzhanova@dku.kz, +7771-011-0909