Eco book presentation


July 19, 2021

🏢The book "Tomorrow Was Late: Environmental Risks of Kazakhstan" presentation took place in the capital.

📗 The Eco book was developed by Kazakhstani experts with the involvement of international consultants on the following topics, which are also separate chapters of the book: water resources management, air pollution, waste management, land degradation, biodiversity, energy efficiency, climate change.

The authors of the book:

  • Chapter 1. Modern challenges in the field of water resources and ways to overcome them - Kogutenko Larisa, Barbara Janusz-Pawletta.
  • Chapter 2. Air quality in the cities of Kazakhstan - Kerimrai Ayimgul, Baimatova Nasiba, Asanov Daulet, Elena Erzakovich.
  • Chapter 3. Modern approaches and tools in the field of waste management - Zikrina Zulfira, Aukhinova Naziya, Asanova Zhanar.
  • Chapter 4. Soil degradation - the threat of a global ecological crisis - Saparov Abdulla, Tukenova Zulfiya, Pachikin Konstantin.
  • Chapter 5. Biodiversity and genetic resources of Kazakhstan - Karibaeva Kuralay, Mishchenko Anatoly, Gemedzhieva Nadezhda, Sklyarenko Sergey, Rodionov Arkady.
  • Chapter 6. What place will Kazakhstan take in the climate competition? - Neither Vadim, Dolgikh Svetlana.
  • Chapter 7. Problems of development of the energy industry in Kazakhstan - German Trofimov, Nurlan Kapenov, Alexey Kobzev.

🤝🏻This project was implemented by the Kazakh-German University (DKU) in partnership with the private fund of Dossym Satpayev, and with the support of the OSCE Program Office in Nur-Sultan, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kazakhstan, and eco magazine Living Asia.

As noted by the authors of the book, it is obligatory to change the entire mechanism for developing strategic programs for the country's development with an emphasis on possible environmental risks and threats now, because for many years the environmental risks of Kazakhstan were not taken into account when analyzing possible threats to the state, which led to the current environmental disasters...

It is emphasized that not only did this book was created to raise the environmental awareness of the population and government, but also to radically change the hierarchy of threats within the framework of the classical model of ensuring the national security of Kazakhstan.

❗For this reason, the eco book should become a "handbook" for those who participate in the development and adoption of government decisions related to the future of Kazakhstan, which also may not exist anymore.

Representatives from the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Education and Science, international organizations, and academia took part in the event and discussed environmental risks based on the main conclusions and recommendations contained in the book.

📖An electronic version of the book in Kazakh and Russian can be found on our website in the eco book section by clicking this link

🎥Here is a link to the video broadcast and video presentation of the authors

👉🏻Here you can check authors' video presentations:

- air quality in cities of Kazakhstan
- modern approaches and tools in the field of waste management
- land degradation in Kazakhstan