A search to train civil servants in Central Asia for water governance and climate security


Aug. 17, 2021

📢Natural Resources Institute DKU launches a search to train civil servants in Central Asia for water governance and climate security.

🔍 Who might be interested in this? Civil servants, students, representatives of state organizations, ministries, and departments related to climate and water resources management.

🎯 Not only will participants be trained in this field of study within the framework of the seminar, but also will have the opportunity to learn the invaluable experience of water resources management and climate security from leading experts from Central Asia and Europe.

✅ Learning objectives:
- To exchange ideas of sustainable growth in CA, improvement of existing cooperation policies and mechanisms on climate change in their countries;
- To understand the goals of the Paris Agreement and NDCs and their significance for the countries of Central Asia;
- To engage international experts on law and governance for SDGs by providing lectures;
- To discuss the water legislation of Central Asia in achieving the SDGs, especially SDG 6;
- To increase knowledge on managing groundwater resources in Central Asia.

❗ Applications are accepted until August 25, 2021, by email 📧 orazbekuly@dku.kz ❗
👉🏻State your name, age, place of study/work, and contacts.

📆Dates of training: September 27-29, 2021
🕘 Time: 09: 30-17: 30 Almaty time
💬Language: English, Russian

🙌🏻Organizers of the training: 
- Kazakh-German University (DKU),
- Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), 
- The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

🤝🏻Partners of the training: 
- Central Asian Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC),
- Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL).

- upon completion of the training, participants will receive personalized certificates;
- the training will also be followed by a side event «Environmental security in Central Asia: Spreading the message from experts to society» which will be sponsored by FES Friedrich Ebert Foundation and organized by DKU. 

👉🏻Apply now before it is too late! The application should be submitted via email to Yerbolat Orazbekuly, orazbekuly@dku.kz