The outcomes of the Renewable Energy Trip 2021


Nov. 9, 2021

🙌🏻 The Renewable Energy Trip 2021 expedition ended two weeks ago.
💥 7 days, 10 objects of renewable energy sources (hereinafter RES), a lot of impressions, and new knowledge!

🗺 Trip itinerary:
- Solar power plant "Nurgisa 100 MW Solar Park".
- Small hydroelectric power plants Merkenskaya HPP-1 and 2.
- Solar power plant "Burnoye Solar".
- Solar power station "Nura".
- Solar power plant "Saran".
- The first wind power station near the city of Ereimentau.
- Wind power plant "Astana EXPO-2017".
- RES landfill and Yurt near Technopark ChU "NURIS".
- Mosque with zero energy consumption "Flower of the Almighty".

💡 Read the conclusions and discussions of our team, as well as interesting facts about each of the destinations in social media at the link!

✅ Upon completion of the expedition, 16 selected young RES specialists from different countries of Central Asia:
- gained knowledge, developed their skills, and gained experience in practical research;
- collected information for their bachelor's and master's theses, research, scientific papers on renewable energy sources;
- exchanged experiences between countries to initiate closer cooperation.

😍 We will write more about the participants' impressions in the next post, stay tuned!