ECO-TALK: Business Incubator. CALL for proposals. Deadline 26th of May


May 20, 2019

Criteria of eligibility:

- Bachelor, Masters’ or PhD levels students from Central Asia and Afghanistan can participate;

- Project group can include between one to three people maximum;

- Each team can include participants from different faculties (e.g. environment sciences, engineering, economics, IT); the advantage will be given to projects developed in such interdisciplinary groups;

- Both new projects and on-going projects are eligible for the selection. If you propose a new project, the objectives and deliverables shall be kept realistic. If your project is already on-going, expectations from the program shall be described in the proposal.

- The project objectives and outputs should be relevant for Central Asia long term objectives for the environment sphere.

Requirements for the applications:

- Font «Times New Roman», size - 12, for headings – 14;

- Interval between lines - single; fields: upper and lower - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm.

- The headings are centered, the epigraphs are on the right, the text of the article is at the edges, if necessary indents.

- Only the title, surname and name of the author are selected; "K" - deviations from the main content, some examples and notes; the quotes are written with the sign "...".

- References to the source used in the text in brackets with numbering, for example [1]. List of sources used according to the sample.

- English or Russian language

Annexes required:

- Detailed project description including:

• Background data on the project area

• Objective

• History and current status of the project implementation

• Targeted audience and strategy for expansion of the project Components activities

- Budget planning for the spending of the grant: resources needed for the project (i.e. staffing, equipment.)

- Implementation and/or business plan depending on the development objective chosen for the project


Please send the complete applications package to the following contacts:

Ivan Babich

Project Coordinator – Kazakh-German University

Ekaterina Aleksandrovaskaia

Project Assistant – Kazakh-German University


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