Practical studies of first-year "Integrated Water Resources Management" Master students

IWRM, students, DKU, Central Asia

June 16, 2020

From June 1 to June 12, first-year IWRM undergraduates conducted a field study on the rivers of Almaty.

The study was aimed at analysing water quality in the rivers of the city, as well as at analysing the water management system in Almaty. Students combined field trips with online research, which allowed a significant amount of material to be collected for further analysis. Various methods for analysing water quality, biological, chemical and physical, were used to collect information. The study was conducted from the upper (run-off formation zone) to the lower borders of the city of Almaty.

The analysis of various factors affecting the quality of water resources is carried out. This practical workshop will help to form an understanding among future specialists in water resources management in Central Asia of various methods and approaches to research and further analysis of the information received.

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