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Sept. 25, 2020

The study tour to learn about best practices of using of renewable energy Renewable Energy Trip 2020 has begun on September 21, 2020. The tour started from a Seminar in Almaty for the participants of study trip and representatives of partners of Kazakh-German University, who had supported us on the organizational stage of the study tour, in particular German society of international cooperation (GIZ), Ministry of environmental protection of Germany (BMU) and also The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are glad to inform that the participation in the Almaty Seminar has helped the tour members to get to know not only each other, but to develop the communication with the representatives of such international organizations as:

  • Jörg Pudelka, Country director, GIZ Office Kazakhstan
  • Ainur Sospanova, Head of the Department of renewable energy sources of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Xenia Rogan, Senior investment officer, ADB
  • Gulzhamal Issayeva, Manager of EU-UNDP project “Support for Kazakhstan`s transition ro a green economy model
  • Oleg Ryaskov, Energy expert, USAID “Power the Future” Regional Program
  • Valeriy Dvornikov, Association of Universities of Kazakhstan

In the first day of tour our team has implemented the first program`s visit to Kapchagai Solar Power Station nearby the Almaty.

By the end of the third day of study tour the participants with the manager of renewable energy projects of Kazakh-German University Aleksey Kobzev had a chance to visit several more stations with the renewable energy objects. Among them are:

  • Kordai Wind Farm –  wind farm that is located in 30 km from Kordai town, in Kordai district, Zhambyl region in Kazakhstan. The capacity of the object is 21 MWt. One of the peculiarities of the Kordai Wind Farm is units of wind farm that are launched with the power of wind 3,5 m/s. And with the speed of wind is equaled 25 m/s the vanes stop in order to avoid the construction`s damage.
  • Hydroelectric power station Merke – The productive capacity equals 1,5 MWt, forecasted annual power generation of electric power is 6,5 million kilowatts per hour.
  • SPS Burnoye Solar – The largest solar power plant in Central Asia with a capacity of 50 MW is included in the Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan and is located in the Zhambyl region. This is 192 thousand modules, which occupy an area of ​​150 hectares in Zhualynsky district.  Monocrystalline panels produce about 72 million kW * hours per year, and, in fact, provide 35 thousand private households.
  • Baikonyr SPP – one of the first solar power plants where only the local staff was involved into construction of Baikonyr SPP, which made us one of the first renewable projects in Kazakhstan to do so. Plant covers the area of ​​150 hectares. Forecasted annual power generation is expected to be more than 73 mln kWh.

The second part of expedition has successfully started in the morning of September 24, 2020 and follows the route Nur-Sultan – Karaganda – Yereymentau – Nur-Sultan. It is planned to visit another 5 renewable energy objects.

We are pleased that after long and hardworking months of organizational processes the participants of study tour finally can observe renewable energy objects and to gather the new, empirical experience in the sphere of renewable energy!  

It is time to wish them lots of luck!

Here you can find the Agenda of RE-trip 2020.


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