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Jan. 5, 2021

In November 2020, a scientific and practical online conference "Silk Road of Knowledge" was held. The conference served as a platform for building strong collaboration between all stakeholders in the field of climate change and the environment.

More than 300 participants took part in the conference. 32 international and local speakers spoke at the thematic sessions:

Session 1: Climate Change Impact Assessment

Session 2: Water in the face of climate change

Session 3: Land Management and Food Security under Climate Change

Session 4: Potentials of Digitalization for Increasing Sustainability in Agriculture

Session 5: Water and Climate Security in Central Asia

Session 6: Infrastructure and logistics under Climate Change

Session 7: Decarbonization of energy systems and climate neutrality

Youth Session: Rational Use of Water

We are glad to share the materials of the conference with everyone who could not take part in it. In the near future we will post a series of webinars on

The conference was organized by the Kazakh-German University with the finacial support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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