Disruptive technology innovation challenge

Since August 2020 to June 2021 a large-scale international project "Disruptive technology innovation challenge for landscape restoration in the Aral Sea Watershed” is launching for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The project is developed by the World Bank in partnership with the Kazakh-German University and the Global Landscape Forum (GLF) financed by the CAWEP trust-fund.

The project will be realized in cooperation with over 25 international and regional partners of the Natural Resources Institute (Kazakh-German University).

The objective of the challenge is to identify disruptive technologies and innovative approaches for landscape restoration in the Aral Sea region (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).

The challenge will consist of 5 stages:

Stage 1. The current situation assessment with landscape restoration in the Aral Sea region.

Stage 2. The applications collection for participation in the international challenge of innovative ideas.

Stage 3. Capacity building of the selected challenge participants (teaching the basics of business planning, developing public speaking skills, etc.).

Stage 4. Selection of the challenge winners and awarding them with grants for their projects’ implementation in the field of landscape restoration in the Aral Sea basin.

Stage 5. Capacity building of the winners for the purpose of further commercialization and distribution the projects in the region (business skills, knowledge exchange, mentoring program).

All knowledge and innovations that we collect during the challenge will be available for wider distribution in the form of an interactive E-Book.

For more information please contact:

Balzhan Zhumagazina, zhumagazina@dku.kz
Maria Genina, genina@dku.kz