Project name: Scientific research project on writing Collective monograph about on environmental issues of Kazakhstan.

Project duration: 2019 - 2021

Project partners: The Project is implemented by the Kazakh-German University in a partnership with the Private Fund of Dossym Satpayev, with the support of the OSCE Programme Office in Nur-Sultan, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kazakhstan, and the online eco-journal LivingAsia.


Project results: Collective monograph with participation of environmentalists, demographers, economists and political scientists from Central Asian countries, as well as international experts. The first book is focused on environmental issues of Kazakhstan. Further on publication of similar books is being planned to be realized in all countries of Central Asia.

the book coverthe book in Russian

the book in Kazakh


One of the main goals of the project is to demonstrate the direct and indirect link between environmental threats and the risks of political and economic destabilization in the countries of the region.


One of the main objectives of the project is to offer recommendations for decision-makers and NGOs to prevent or mitigate the consequences of these threats.


Project activities:


Event name

19th December 2019 г

Inception round table with books` writers

Series of Webinar-discussions on key environmental challenges

9th April 2020

Webinar 1 “Clean water is a source of quality life”

21st April 2020

Webinar 2 “"What place will Kazakhstan take in the climate competition?”

30th April 2020

Webinar 3 “Land degradation in Kazakhstan: threats and solutions”

12th May 2020

Webinar 4 “Air pollution in the cities of Kazakhstan”

28th May 2020

Webinar 5 “Circular approach in waste management”

05th June 2020

Webinar 6 “ Sustainable energy development in Kazakhstan”

30th June 2020

Webinar 7 “Biodiversity as the basis of prosperity of Kazakhstan: challenges and solutions".


Project specialist Zhamilia Dairova,

Project manager Mariya Genina,