Foundation Programme

This program is intended for nominated candidates for study at the Kazakh-German University.

The program was created due to the fact that from year to year nominated candidates from the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan did not have the appropriate competencies for studying under the Master's Program "Integrated Water Resources Management" at the Kazakh-German University.

To address this situation, a series of preparatory courses in the form of a Foundation programme was agreed between the partners of the SmartWaters project of the Regional Environmental Center of Central Asia (RECCA), namely:

in 2019, 13 candidates from Central Asia and Afghanistan studied under the program and were successfully enrolled in the master's program in IUVR;
in 2020, the Foundation program began to take place in an online format: courses in the disciplines "Hydrology," "Business Organization," "Management" and "English" were developed and introduced into the training system, which are necessary for the preparatory work of candidates upon admission to the KNU.

Foundation Program Objectives:

Improve English proficiency of candidates from Central Asia and Afghanistan.
Improve the speech and presentation techniques of candidates, as well as provide them with in-depth knowledge at preliminary mandatory courses in Hydrology, Business Organization, Management.

To complete this program, you must submit your request for

Master's program coordinator: