Educational program «Integrated water resources management»


The program covers interdisciplinary issues in the field of supply, distribution and rational use of water resources in Central Asia. The aim is exchange of advanced international practices to aid in solving water and environmental problems at all levels.

The program content is developed in collaboration with the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin) having many years of experience in education in the field of Water Management including Central Asia.

Courses are conducted by professors from Freie Universität Berlin and experts from German and Central Asian organizations. Students actively participate in research projects and practical activities.


• Theoretical basis of Regional Research
• Methodology of Regional Research
• Water Resources Management
• Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics
• Technical basis of Water Resources Management

• Field Research and Data Analysis


The program graduates may obtain professional development:

• at public administration bodies;
• at state, municipal and private enterprises and institutions for water supply;
• at national and international unions, non-governmental organizations;
• at higher education institutions;
• in the field of nature protection, environment and natural resources.