Charyn trip of Integrated water resources management MA Students

On 22 of April, 2017 was conducted a student trip to Charyn Canyon - State National Park of Kazakhstan. Charyn Canyon is striking in with its beauty and range of reliefs.

Mr Rieks Bosch, International consultant of the EcoCoast from the Netherlands explained to students interesting facts about climate change and the impact of sediments in this Canyon for researchers. As well as the participants of International Science and Technology Center Ms Karina Iwe jointed this trip with students. The trip was undertaken to strengthen student relations, make new contacts and to gain knowledge on archaeological and climatic aspects. A huge success that a number of experts were of completely different backgrounds. For example, while walking time there was a possibility to talk about water quality, in particular its biological components and pathogens, the 12 million history of Charyn Canyon, which is reflected in its sediments and ruins and about water resources and climate change impact nearby the Canyon.

Master's students of the IWRM make theses on a completely different topics, but all these areas are united by the water in Central Asia. Friendship and fruitful cooperation between students, which in future will become partners in solving water conflicts is the most important thing we need to keep within the study period.

Such trips and activities with international organizations help students to uncover new opportunities and prospects for the future of water resources. Our students live by the motto: "live, study and explore the world".