IWRM training for govenment officials

Within the framework of the UNECE project jointly with UNDP "Kazakhstan's support for the transition to a green economy model", a training was held for mid-level government officials on key aspects of water management. This training is a continuation of two previous trainings for teachers of higher educational institutions.

Trainings for teachers were held in August 2016 and in January 2017, with the goal of developing methodological guides on key aspects of water management. International and national experts on economic, political and legislative aspects of water resources management also participated in the development of the guidelines.

The number of participants in the event included a large number of various government organizations working in the water sector and related industries, including the Ministry of Water and Energy Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Nature Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The project was organized with the support of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Development Program and the Kazakhstan-German University in Almaty.

 The main goal of the training was to provide participants with an interdisciplinary perspective on the various components of integrated water resources management, both nationally and internationally. The objectives of the training are:

1. To acquaint participants with the legal, political and economic aspects of water resources management at the international, regional and national levels;

2. Strengthen the capacity of young mid-level government officials responsible for water management at the national level;

3. to form strong regional cooperation between employees of state organizations of the water sector.