Blue Drop Innovation Challenge competition in Kazakhstan

Blue Drop Innovation Challenge is the first competition in Kazakhstan targeting innovative ideas in water management.

We invite collaborative teams of students to develop innovative and scalable market-based solutions.

The goal is to engage students and young professionals in conceptualizing a product, an innovative solution or research project.

Students from all disciplines and levels - undergraduates, graduates, and post-docs are invited to participate

Participants should submit their proposals in the following thematic areas:

a) Urban water resources management, b) water use and efficiency in agriculture, c) water efficiency in changing climate

The competition consists of two stages:

• Fast Pitch Competition: Participants submit their proposals via email. Deadline – August 21, 2017

• Blue Drop Final: In this round, shortlisted teams must convince the judges why they need money to move forward with their venture. The best of the best (three places) win cash prizes (sponsored by ADB (700 Euro for First, 500 Euro for Second and 300 Euro for the Third position)), further implementation of the best business idea can be supported by Damu Fund (up to 1,000,000KZT)

Proposal format:



Name of University:

Time frame:



Organizers: Asian Development BankUNESCOKazakh National Agrarian UniversityGerman-Kazakh University

Submit proposal to:

Diana Dushniyazova ( and Daud Hamidi (