Central Asian Journal on Water Research

“Central Asian Journal of Water Research” is a bi-lingual, open-access, peer reviewed e-Journal dedicated to all aspects of water management in the region of Central Asia. This online-based journal seeks to reach all scientists working in the areas of Water Research and familiarize them with each other’s achievements across the region, not limiting its range to the national audience. Moreover, it aims at strengthening the existing networks to support creation of the regional scientific community with the goal of developing scientific research throughout the region. All articles are published in Russian and English to allow for accessibility within and outside of the region, and are reviewed by two peer-reviewers, one from Central Asia and one from outside of the region. The reviewing process is supervised by a regional editorial board. The Journal welcomes articles in the following research areas: Economic & financial mechanisms. Climate and environment, Hydro technical facilities, Water Governance, Capacity development, Food security, Drinking water and sanitation