The Natural Resources Institute received 1st in Central Asia in 2016 the status of the UNESCO Chair for Water Resources Management in the region.


The Institute of UNESCO Chairs was established in 1992 after the opening of the UNITWIN (University Education Twinning and Networking Scheme) program, in accordance with the decision of the 26th session of the UNESCO General Conference, which advocated the development of inter-university cooperation and academic mobility.


The program was established with the aim of creating a university education system throughout the world through the establishment of a new institute of UNESCO chairs and networks within the framework of the UNITWIN program in the key areas of competence of the Organization: education, natural and social sciences, culture, information and communication.


Through this network, institutions of higher education and research organizations around the world have the opportunity to pool their resources, both human and material, to solve current problems and contribute to the development of their societies.


The activities of our Institute as a UNESCO Chair are aimed at developing an integrated system of research and training in the field of water resources management in Central Asia, as well as at increasing the capacity of young scientists and specialists in the water sector.