The sustainability initiatives of Central Asian universities – Cargo Bike by LogCentre DKU

Cargo Bike, UNEP

April 12, 2023

As part of the DKU and UNEP project, we want to tell you about the sustainability initiatives of Central Asian universities.


One example of this is the LogCentre team at DKU, which worked on the Cargo Bike project in 2021. The Cargo Bike was developed by LogCentre DKU in cooperation with Magdeburg University.


Cargo Bikes are environmentally friendly and low-noise means of moving around the city. They are powered by an electric motor and are particularly suitable for small and medium-sized freight transport (up to 350 kg).


The Cargo Bike Logistics Almaty project held a bike presentation in September, and the team invited local businesses to test the bike for a few days.


Today, the bicycle is used to move items important to the functioning of the university (textbooks, documentation, etc.) between the two buildings of the university.