Eco-Talk 2018: The first pilot project

Dec. 26, 2018

“Building today’s technologies for tomorrow’s better ecology”

1st Pilot in Kazakhstan: The project is established within the Kazakh-German University, complementing the activities of existing youth/environmental networks existing in Kazakhstan.

ECO Ideas for youth: A series of projects ideas/proposals in the sphere of ecology and environment have been selected among Universities across Kazakhstan. Encouraging the young eco-entrepreneurs and eco-innovators through increased ownership towards the realization of their project, the incubator will provide them with the tools and support for the sustainable realization of their activity.

Mentoring program: A mentoring program has been established, aiming at accompanying the team of students towards the project’s preparation and implementation. The team uses a combination of virtual discussions and live meeting towards the implementation of the pilot. Mentors from the environment, economic and business sphere the teams of the selected projects. Selected team will receive grant support of about to pursue the development of their project provide guidance to the group of students.


Training program: the program will include short / target courses in different disciplines (finance, marketing, sales, leadership, presentation skills, etc.) to support the teams in moving their project one step forward.

Conference: the results of the whole project were disseminated during a half-day event on Friday, November 30, 2018, afternoon. The event included a panel session on the thematic technology for ecology with key speakers sharing their experience. A pitch session was be also organized for the students to present their projects and their upcoming plans.