Virtual Internship Program on climate change issues in Central Asia
for young professionals and PHD students

The internship is paid and will be held from January to March, 2021.

As part of the program, you will be able to explore public-domain data and knowledge resources on climate adaptation and mitigation aspects in Central Asia to develop interactive tools for the Central Asian Climate Information Platform (CACIP).

The Program consist of five main areas (water, agriculture, energy, climate-induced disasters, health) with specific tasks:

1) Researching additional climate-related data services and development of visualization instruments/dashboards;
2) Researching additional knowledge sources (e.g. full-text journal articles, reports, videos, websites, maps) and development of an interactive knowledge repositories to be applied in CACIP and hosting institution;
3) Developing the MobApps.

The internship will be implemented by Natural Resources Institute at the Kazakh-German University within the framework of Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia "Programs for Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change Effects for the Aral Sea Basin" (CAMP4ASB), which is funded by the World Bank.

Applications are accepted until January 7, 2021 inclusive.

Send your CV and motivation letter to