Modern heat energy - international trends and challenges for the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The course within the framework of the preparation of the Draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Heat Energy”.


In accordance with the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission of 2021, the work is underway on the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Heat Energy". At the first meeting of the working group established in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Energy No. 65 dated February 22, 2022 “On the establishment of a working group to develop draft laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On heat energy”, “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on heat energy ” and “On Amendments and Additions to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Offenses”, it was decided to conduct a training program covering the main conceptual issues of the modern heat energy sector, including:


● Modern technical operational characteristics of district heating (sources, automation and control, temperature conditions, location of thermal substations, metering).

● Key tools for monitoring and regulating the heat energy sector in the implementation of energy efficiency policy and the use of renewable energy sources.

● Planning, regulation and monitoring of heat supply systems at the regional and municipal level.

● Design of consumer systems, quality of heat supply, contractual obligations and relationships.

● Tariff regulation, including performance incentives and related tariff structures.

● Availability of heat and protection of socially vulnerable consumers through targeted systems of social payments for heat.

● Selection and implementation of PPP models in the heat energy sector.

● Gender mainstreaming in policy, management and operation of the heat and power sector.


The aim of the training is

● Ensure systematic transfer of knowledge on key issues of the new heat supply sector model

● Prepare stakeholders for their respective obligations under the new Law


The program will consist of 4 modules. Certificate of Attendance from Dornier Academy and DKU will be offered to participants who have attended full Modules or at least 7 elective classes.


Classes will be held from 16.00 to 17.30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in May and June. These will be online webinars, with lectures and discussions. The working languages ​​will be Russian and English, and if necessary, simultaneous translation will be provided. The course and classes are open to everyone, subject to prior registration. Materials (presentations, exercises) will be available to registered participants.


Link for registration:


The program will be held jointly with the official WG on the development of the law on heat energy engineering. Teaching will be done by a team of international and local experts from the leading German consulting company VPC GmbH, its educational division Dornier Academy, in partnership with DKU.


VPC GmbH, part of the Dornier Group, was engaged by ADB and the MoE to support the development of legislation on heat energy and has been working on consultation documents and draft laws since 2020.


Course materials












- Module 1: Technologies in heat energy


- Module 2: Planning of heating systems


- Module 3: Economics and tariffs for heat supply services


- Module 4: Institutional issues



Name and zoom link


17 мая

Introductory lesson

4.1. Policy making in the heat energy sector, general organization, regulation and monitoring of the heat energy sector and its role for sustainable development Webinar-ID: 823 3836 1586


18 мая

1.1 Heat production (traditional and alternative technologies for district and individual heating, operation, automation and control, benefits of renewable heat) Webinar-ID: 835 1105 5006


20 мая

1.2. Heat distribution (temperature management, system design, loss reduction, repair and maintenance regimes) Webinar-ID: 850 0050 3403


24 мая

1.3. Organization and administration of heat consumption (operation of in-house systems, accounting, billing) Webinar-ID: 823 3836 1586


25 мая

2.1. Methodology for planning the heat supply system Webinar-ID: 835 1105 5006


27 мая

2.2. Production system modeling and financial modeling of district heating, including the integration of renewable heating technologies and energy efficiency measures Webinar-ID: 850 0050 3403


31 мая

2.3. Planning for energy efficiency and integration of renewable heat in off-grid centralized systems Webinar-ID: 823 3836 1586


01 июня

2.4. Energy efficiency planning and integration of renewable heat into individual heat supply Webinar-ID: 835 1105 5006


03 июня

2.5. Comprehensive planning of the communal sector of heat energy industry Webinar-ID: 850 0050 3403


07 июня

3.1. Principles, responsibilities and methods of price regulation in the heat energy industry Webinar-ID: 823 3836 1586


08 июня

3.2. Rules for regulation of tariffs in heat energy industry (Tariff Methodology) Webinar-ID: 835 1105 5006


10 июня

3.3. Support for Vulnerable Consumers Webinar-ID: 850 0050 3403


14 июня

4.2. PPP in the heat energy sector Webinar-ID: 823 3836 1586


15 июня

4.3. The role of women in the development of the heat energy sector Webinar-ID: 835 1105 5006