Educational trip to learn the best practices for using renewable energy sources
Renewable Energy Trip"



The Kazakh-German University (DKU), with the assistance of international partners and government and private institutions, conducts annual expeditions to renewable energy plants in Central Asia.


The project "Renewable Energy Trip" is organized to visit renewable energy sites, which will allow students and researchers to study solar, wind and hydroelectric power plants, their technical and technological features, existing problems and ways to solve them in practice.


The main objectives of Renewable Energy Trip are to obtain knowledge and experience in practical research, prepare best practice cases on renewable energy sources, as well as disseminate information, exchange experiences between countries and develop scientific partnerships in Central Asia.

1. Renewable Energy Trip 2018

2. Renewable Energy Trip 2019

3. Renewable Energy Trip 2020


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Alexey Kobzev, Project Manager for Renewable Energy and Climate Change, DKU,

Dana Zhunissova, Project Assistant, DKU,